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New book available now!

The book is currently only available in Dutch. We are working hard to get an English version in stores ASAP.



In this book I go beyond digital transformation for the first time in my career. It's still a book that is aimed at decision makers in policy and business, but it goes much broader than the average business book. Why did I write it?

For more than 20 years, industries have been changing because of digital disruptions. Banks, retailers, the media, taxi companies and so many others can testify to the disruptive power of digital. All sectors are facing their own perfect storm in which digital disruptions force them to look for a new position, in order to manage their digital transformation.

But what if this is just the beginning? What if is insufficient to only look for a transformation plan from within your own industry? What if our society itself changes at its core, partly through digitisation, but also through today's major issues such as the future of work, housing, mobility, climate, health, education, globalisation, population growth and even the challenges of longevity? 

In this book I search for connections between each of these social transformations and how they together form the so-called Metastorm: an all-transcending series of interwoven perfect storms and societal changes. I focus mainly on the future of work, living and mobility, because I believe they are the fabric of society.

The Metastorm will have an impact on every decision we make as a company, society or individuals.

With this book, I want to make an optimistic plea for a future that is worth believing in, in which solutions are offered when we adopt a holistic view of the problems, challenges and opportunities at hand.

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