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I'm not a scientist nor an academic

When I started writing the book I processed a lot of input from different sources: I read some standard works from people like Pinker, Harari and Roslin and studied hundreds of news stories, blog posts and other things that came to me via different channels.

More than in previous books I refer to facts, scientific developments and data to make my case. So I should have included proper referencing in the book. I decided not to do that, because, well I'm not a scientist nor an academic, and I don't like reading books that are filled with references. Call me superficial.

So I try to solve this via my site. In my blog section, I have different categories. One is 'Sources' and the other is 'Evidence of Disruption'. The first category is what should have been in the book: references to the sources of my inspiration, data or quotes. The second category is filled with things that I read afterwards that are providing evidence for certain of my assumptions.

I know it's not perfect but this way I create a dynamic referencing space that is alive and adapting itself to what is happening right now. I hope you enjoy it.

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